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Hey there! My name is Coach Sevyn I am a Relationship Coach I own The Modern Love advice Blog and I focus on offering advice & coaching services for adult couples,  individuals and business partners 

I also offer advice for those wanting to grow their dating coaching service are individuals wanting to learn different tools and strategies in the modern dating world. In addition, I am also the CEO and Co-Founder of Love Text Box , a subscription box meant to inspire growth in modern relationships.

I received my undergraduate degree at Howard University . I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and I specialize with issues surrounding relationships, self-awareness/self-perceptions and emotional processing.

As I stumbled through my own journey, I realized the significance of maintaining and developing all areas of relationship including business friends and family And dating I started to understand how  we create relationships With every person in our life.

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If there is a thing you can't stop arguing about and it's not going anywhere, it may be time to let it go. Agree to stop talking about it and then actually stop talking about it. Like never, ever bring it up again.

Mutual Goals are Important

It’s great to have a goal or a project that you’re both working on together, as that can affect many aspects of your life outside of your actual relationship. You could be working on an art piece, saving up for a trip, building a cottage, or even working on a garden. Determine your strengths for the project so you’re working in harmony, and build something amazing that you can be proud of having achieved as a team.

Don’t hold back

It’s a strong instinct, but it can be tragically self-fulfilling. And even if the worst happens and you get dumped, it will, in fact, make you stronger — at the same time as opening up space for the right person to come into your life. Ironically, our instinctive defensiveness against loss — emotional distance, being armored — is exactly what can bring about the very outcome it’s intended to avoid! The only sensible option is to dare to trust — that your mate loves you, that you are worthy of love, and that even if you are disappointed or betrayed, you are resilient enough to withstand it.

Resist the urge to correct your partner.

While talking openly is important, there are things that can be kept to yourself. One of them is when your partner is wrong about something super trivial. You may not always be able to resist the urge to correct them over who wrote a book or who's singing a song, but try to keep your mouth shut some of the time. Also, if your partner starts telling you a story you've heard before: Just let it go. Maybe there will be a new detail, and either way it's not worth hurting their feelings over a couple minutes of your time

Avoid routine

It is not unusual for couples who have a long-term relationship to fall into the routine. Sometimes, it’s not even that bad. However, the boundary between the routine and boredom is minuscule. Make an effort and occasionally surprise your partner with a trip to someplace you’ve never been.  It doesn´t have to be anything spectacular, just a little bit different than usual.

Remind your partner that you are still spontaneous and that you know how to have fun. Together retrace new things and you will both enjoy.

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